⚡ "I had my first date with my husband on friday April 13, 1990. We went to Hammerjacks for the Crack the Skye concert and we have been together ever since and still going strong!! We are coming up on 27 years together and owe it all to Crack the Skye Concert at Hammerjacks!!" Cheri C.
⚡ "In the first week of January, 1989 my band Rudeboy had the honor of playing our debut gig at hammerjacks. This was the first time that I had got to play at Hammerjacks ,which was pretty much the main goal of any local musician,so I was pretty excited! We played our 90 minute set to a packed house,and it was the most amazing, surreal feeling to be on that stage were we watched so many of our hero's perform as fans....The Saturday night before our gig on Sunday, Paul Stanley of KISS did a show. So as we were setting up on Sunday, We kept finding bra's and panties laying EVERYWHERE on stage. Many with telephone numbers to Paul, from every phone exchange you could think of.....We had a whole collection together by sound check that some of the guy's from our crew still have to this day...After the show we went up to the dressing rooms which were probably better than the civic centers,(now called first mariner arena)...There was the complimentary case of iced beer every band got,but there was one problem,it had already been hit,and beer was missing! You had to have a pass to get up there so it didn't make sense...Then we look on the other side of the room where the couch was,and there was our beer burglars! Two guys with their feet up, shoes off and the beer in their hands! They both had super long hair,and wearing the traditional Rock star garb,we immediately assumed they were both in a band....Before our band leader got a chance to lay into them for inviting themselves in and helping themselves to our beer,they started shaking our hands and proclaiming how much they enjoyed our set,and drawling up plans for some shows together with their band! Then the one who said he was the singer,goes into his duffel bag and pulls out those really cheap recordable cassette tapes you could buy 3 for a dollar for,and starts passing them out to us...I remember they were marked with black sharpie "1988 Demo" and thats it....They said thay had only been together as the current band a short time,and had just got a manager who promised them a record deal with a major label,based on that demo alone....Hammerjacks was going to be their debut as well...We assumed they were from New York because they had the accent and all...They told us they were playing the following Saturday and personally invited us as guest's to the show.....Now bear in mind this was 1988, in Baltimore, so after a few minutes of this conversation,we were ready to move on and just to commence the after party! They were really cool and we let them stay,never asking how they got in in the first place....I remember giving my cassette tape to my girlfriend to hold in her purse....So fast forward to that following wednesday. My girl calls from Virginia And says "Hey remember that tape those guy's gave us? I listened to it and it's REALLY good! So I said,what songs did they play,thinking they were a cover band like us. She say's "Well, I never heard any of them before so I don't know....Now I'm thinking,wow! They must be a all original band,which was uncommon for most local Maryland bands in those years....So I said, "Ok We'll go see em on Saturday.... So Saturday comes...I knew something was up because when we got there, (My whole band came), they had sent 2 guy's down to us to give us all access passes....I went backstage and they had a FULL CREW tuning guitars and stuff and there was a curtain down on the front of the stage....So I'm thinking "OH BOY"....AND they had a HUGE band named banner on the wall behind the curtain ready to go.....To make a long story shorter,when the curtain dropped,this band proceeded to literally peel the paint off the walls they were so intense and strong! At the end of the set,that singer ran up to us and say's,So what do you guy's think? Think we got a chance in this biz? And he said it VERY modestly,not to be smart or anything...ALL of us were kinda at a loss for words,So I said "Dude,it's just a matter of time"! They SMOKED that room that night,one of the top 5 shows I EVER saw at Hammer's....About month later, my girl calls and say's quick turn on MTV! That band's on! and sure enough,They never Weren't not on MTV until like 1991!!!! They never came back to Hammer's because they were too playing places like Russia and stuff....Never saw much of em since we got left in Bmore....I always wondered if my girlfriend still has that tape,we broke up a couple years later and I lost contact with her.....THAT's "ONE" of my many Hammerjack's stories....Hoped you liked it!!! OH Yeah, Who was the band right? The singer was Sebastian Bach,and the other guy was Rachel Bolan, who everybody knows, played with "SKID ROW"!!!!!" James Darr (drummer) Rudeboy 1987-88 Temper Temper 1989-91



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